QuantumATK - New Release Notes

We are excited to announce the new Synopsys QuantumATK V-2023.09 release. Join the free Synopsys Webinar on Sep 21 to learn about the new features and improvements for the following atomic-scale modeling methods and applications in semiconductor industry and beyond:

Machine-Learned Force Field Training

  • Enhanced ease-of-use of training ML FFs with new predefined Workflow Builder blocks for active learning simulations and training sets.
  • New ML-FF training template for defect structures.

Process Simulations

  • Accelerated molecular dynamics for crystallization.
  • Thermochemistry pyrolysis to predict gas phase composition in surface processing.
  • Integrated workflow and analysis of charged point defects and defect diffusion.

Interface Modeling

  • New interactive Interfaces Builder for multilayer structures.
  • High-k Metal Gate (HKMG) and Magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM) Builders as Workflow Builder blocks can be part of simulation workflows.
  • New Projected Phonon DOS analysis.

Device Channel Material Design

  • Major speedup in bandstructure simulations with Semi-Empirical Tight-Binding models for up to million atoms.
  • Efficient and simplified deformation potential extraction for large nanostructures to evaluate electron-phonon coupling.

Nanodevice Modeling

  • New analysis of spectral and thermal current and conductance in Transmission Analyzer.
  • More interactive IV Characteristics Analyzer and possibility to analyze inelastic current.

STT-MRAM Memory Design

  • New Finite Bias Spin Transfer Torque (STT) Study Object and Analyzer to evaluate the write performance of STT-MRAM.
  • New Heisenberg Exchange Analyzer for exchange couplings and Curie temperature.

Get QuantumATK V-2023.09

  • If you are a customer entitled to maintenance services, you can access QuantumATK V-2023.09 installers and new license keys directly from SolvNetPlus.
  • QuantumATK V-2023.09 release comes with significant licensing updates and every user who wants to run the new QuantumATK V-2023.09 version, will need to refresh the license file. Contact us or your license administrator for any question.

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