Synopsys Automotive Solutions

Whether your teams are designing SoCs, developing multi-die systems or validating software dependability, Synopsys’ design and verification, prototyping, automotive-grade IP, and software security solutions help you create smarter, safer cars.

Synopsys RISC-V Solutions

Synopsys provides comprehensive, ready-to-use design, verification, and IP solutions that enable designers to harness the full potential of the flexible ISA for efficient, high-performance RISC-V-based designs. 

RISC-V Models & Tools

ImperasFPM Fast Processor Models of RISC-V cores enable processor verification, architecture exploration, and early software development.

Synopsys Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) IP

Security IP for embedded systems based on physical unclonable function (PUF) technology provides an additional level of hardware security by utilizing the inherent uniqueness of each and every silicon chip. The IP can be delivered in hardware or software and applied easily to almost any chip, and at any stage of a product’s lifecycle.

AI + -
Synopsys-Copilot-Demo_thumbnail.jpg EDA Suite

Optimize silicon performance, accelerate chip design and improve efficiency throughout the entire EDA flow with full-stack AI-driven EDA suite. The award-winning EDA suite offers industry leading AI-driven workflow optimization and data analytics solutions along with breakthrough generative AI capabilities, enabling engineers to accelerate innovation and time to market.