Designing Energy-Efficient SoCs

Synopsys offers software-driven low power exploration, analysis and optimization from architecture to signoff. The solution is built around industry-leading products for each stage of the design flow:

Platform Architect™ for architecture exploration and early performance power tradeoffs using pre-RTL architecture models and software workloads

ZeBu® Empower for power emulation with the capacity and performance for profiling software workloads to identify key windows of interest for further analysis and exploration

SpyGlass® Power for RTL power exploration with fast turnaround time during initial stages of RTL development

PrimePower RTL with RTL Architect for RTL power exploration with high accuracy as the RTL matures

Fusion Compiler™ for RTL to GDSII implementation with the best PPA (Power-Performance-Area) results. Fusion of PrimePower for signoff power and RedHawk Analysis Fusion for power integrity ensure fast convergence

Synopsys TestMAX™ for power-optimized automatic test pattern generation (ATPG)

PrimePower for golden power signoff

Synopsys' solutions enable SoC designers to achieve optimal energy efficiency by maximizing power-reduction opportunities at each stage of design flow while meeting PPA targets.     ​

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