To achieve optimal energy efficiency, low power techniques must encompass every facet of the chip design and verification from silicon to software. Synopsys delivers an end-to-end solution for energy-efficient SoCs across design, verification and IP products. We invite you to explore our solutions.


Designing Energy-Efficient SoCs

Piyush Sancheti, Vice President System Architects Group, highlights the importance of taking a holistic approach to energy-efficient System-on-Chip (SoC) design.


Automatically Generate, Budget and Optimize UPF with Synopsys Verdi UPF Architect

Godwin Maben, Synopsys Fellow, demostrates how to translate a high-level power intent from CSV to a consumable UPF across a typical ASIC design flow using Verdi UPF Architect.


Synopsys Solution for RTL to Signoff Power Analysis

Piyush Sancheti, Vice President System Architects Group, explains how to perform full-chip power analysis with predicable accuracy from early RTL stage all the way to implementation and signoff.


Shift-left with Power Emulation Using Real Workloads

Alex Wakefield, Scientist System Architects Group, explains the three-step flow and requirements to achieve optimal performance while staying within the power and thermal envelopes in your chip designs.