Achieving Consistent RTL Power Accuracy

Are you struggling to accurately estimate RTL power consumption early in your design process? RTL power estimation can be inaccurate due to the complexity of the designs, the various power domains, and the use of multiple tools in the design process. Designers can make effective power-performance-area tradeoffs early by using a holistic methodology that includes both architectural and micro-architectural analysis. A new generation of RTL power analysis tools are providing consistent results by leveraging technology-related information, timing constraints, and accurate glitch power modeling. The accuracy of these tools is made possible by deep understanding of the implementation and signoff power calculation algorithms.

This white paper helps you make early power-related decisions that will affect whether your design meets its power requirements. You’ll learn:

  • The basics of power dissipation in digital designs
  • How RTL power analysis works
  • The key requirements to achieve consistent RTL power analysis accuracy
  • The new Synopsys technologies that enable early estimation


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