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Update to Six DesignWare Building Block IP Application Notes

The DesignWare® Library has 184 Building Block IP as of 2007.12 release. The DesignWare Library Datapath and Building Block IP is tightly integrated with Design Compiler (DC) and is the part of the DC installation. It has a number of arithmetic, combinational, sequential, and floating point components, and many other complex blocks like FIFOs. The complete list of Datasheets, User Guide and Application notes are available at:


The following are the DesignWare Building Block Application notes which have been updated:

  • Design-for-Testability with 1149.1 JTAG Components
  • Speed Up Your Compile Time Using Synthetic Cache
  • DW Building Block IP Synthesis: 'Under the Hood'
  • Test Access Port and Boundary Scan IP
  • Using DW Building Block IP Pipelined Multipliers
  • Error Management Using DesignWare CRC and ECC
Please see the complete list of application notes available at: