Synopsys Content Protection IP

Protect High-Value Digital Content

Synopsys offers highly integrated and proven security solutions spanning silicon cores to embedded software to help content owners, service providers, network operators, embedded system OEMs and SoC suppliers protect high-value digital content for the home entertainment and digital media market. 

Synopsys’ security IP solutions have been delivered to leading manufacturers of smart HDTVs, displays, docking stations, video bridges, mobile devices, set-top-boxes, and other consumer electronic products worldwide. 

Synopsys offers a comprehensive portfolio of standards-compliant single- and multi-port High-Definition Content Protection (HDCP) 2.2/2.3 embedded security modules (ESMs) for HDMI, DisplayPort, 
and USB 3.x Type-C interfaces. The certified solutions enforce the protection of sensitive information to ensure that it is stored, processed, and accessed only by authorized applications. The ESMs protect premium audio-visual content against unauthorized copying, interception, and tampering, while ensuring that the content can be viewed, recorded, or streamed on networked entertainment devices.