Synopsys Cloud Analog Instance provides a complete end-to-end design flow that leverages Synopsys’ years of experience developing analog IP to maximize designer productivity. The flow is pre-configured in the virtual machine image, ready to be provisioned on-demand at the engineer’s disposal. The Synopsys Cloud environment also enables global engineering teams to collaborate on the same schematic or layout or design. 

A Complete End-to-End Design Flow in the Cloud

With access to all Synopsys tools and many leading 3rd-party solutions for analog design, the environment facilitates all design steps including schematic design, circuit simulation, layout creation, in-design analysis, extraction, verification, and signoff. In addition, the Analog Instance eliminates the need to maintain a CAD infrastructure since the flow is available within a broswer-based SaaS environment. 

Say Goodbye to Constraints Caused By Compute Infrastructure or Licenses

One major benefit of the Synopsys Analog Instance is that teams need not be constrained by compute infrastructure or by licenses. As needs change through the design cycle, design teams can move between different tools seamlessly and scale their usage up or down without needing to go through any additional discussions, negotiations, or setup.

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