Synopsys Expands InP PIC Modeling with FhG-HHI PDK

Optical Solutions Editorial Team

Apr 28, 2020 / 1 min read

Introduction to the New HHI PDK for PIC Design Suite

Synopsys is pleased to announce that a new, production-ready process design kit (PDK) for Fraunhofer HHI’s Indium Phosphide (InP) integrated photonics process is now available for the PIC Design Suite. In addition to smaller updates for layout and design rule checking (DRC), a complete model library has been implemented for OptSim Circuit to support InP-based photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design and simulation.

Key Features of the PIC Design Suite's Bidirectional Interface

The PIC Design Suite’s bidirectional interface allows users to represent and simulate a schematic design in OptSim Circuit, open the same file in OptoDesigner and finalize the layout – including component placement and waveguide routing. Any modifications in the layout will be saved and can be loaded back into OptSim Circuit to re-simulate the behavior and optimize the performance of the generated layout design.

Advantages of Using HHI PDK in Synopsys’ PIC Design Suite

This HHI PDK version 5.4.1 for Synopsys’ PIC Design Suite enables designers to design the circuit schematic, simulate the behavior with the HHI PDK building blocks, and then synthesize and verify a manufacturable layout. The FhG-HHI design kit supports MPW runs provided by HHI via technology broker JePPIX or in direct commercial collaboration with HHI.

The Impact on Circuit and Layout-Level Control

With the HHI PDK and Synopsys’ PIC Design Suite, users can control InP-based PIC designs at both the circuit and layout levels, with faster, more accurate prototype simulations that translate to higher yields for volume production.

Obtaining PIC Foundry PDKs

Our solutions are used by many designers around the world to access MPW services and to work directly with R&D facilities and commercial foundries. PDKs can be obtained from the foundry of your choice. Contact if you need assistance.

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