Functional Safety

Verification of Technical Safety and Reliability Performance

System and Safety engineers spend hours analyzing system level safety. In this brief video, we'll show you how Saber Functional Safety can reduce your safety lifecycle time by replacing subjective safety analysis with rigorous simulation data.


  • Identify safety related hardware faults that violate technical safety requirements
  • Develop and verify safety mechanisms
  • Verify diagnostic coverage and eliminate residual faults
  • Model and simulate Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)


Use Saber Functional Safety for ISO 26262, DO-254, and other safety and reliability verification flows by:

  • Develop safety test-bench schematics
  • Select hardware components and choose from supported fault types including: Short, Open, Ground, Stuck-at, and Parametric Faults
  • Configure faults to be timed, and/or concurrent
  • Implement iterative and reusable simulation plans using Experiment Analyzer
  • Simulate, analyze, and export data to sign-off reports
  • Parallelize 1000s of simulations using Saber Runtime

Saber Functional Safety was used to test over 200 possible failure modes against a rigorous set of technical safety requirements. Using Saber FS, we reduced the job of 5 engineers working for five days to 1 engineer working 1 hour."

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