Functional Safety


  • Identify safety related hardware faults that violate technical safety requirements
  • Develop and verify safety mechanisms
  • Verify diagnostic coverage and eliminate residual faults
  • Model and simulate Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)


Use Saber's functional safety for ISO 26262, DO-254, and other safety and reliability verification flows by:

  • Develop safety test-bench schematics
  • Select hardware components and choose from supported fault types including: Short, Open, Ground, Stuck-at, and Parametric Faults
  • Configure faults to be timed, and/or concurrent
  • Implement iterative and reusable simulation plans using Experiment Analyzer
  • Simulate, analyze, and export data to sign-off reports
  • Parallelize 1000s of simulations using Saber Runtime

Saber Functional Safety was used to test over 200 possible failure modes against a rigorous set of technical safety requirements. Using Saber Functional Safety, we reduced the job of five engineers working for five days, to one engineer working one hour."

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