AMS Verification

HSPICE SIG Panelists

Design Verification for Robustness in Advanced Technologies

The 2017 HSPICE SIG presentations focus on challenges and solutions for FinFET circuit analysis and verification to ensure design robustness.

Accelerate Innovation with Analog/Mixed-Signal Verification

Synopsys addresses the most critical issues in AMS verification. HSPICE® is employed by leading semiconductor foundries to provide designers with the gold standard for accuracy in device modeling. The CustomSim™ FastSPICE simulator delivers superior transistor-level verification performance and capacity for various classes of design, including custom digital, memory and analog/mixed-signal circuits. CustomSim provides a comprehensive suite of analysis features that include circuit electrical rule-checking, electromigration, IR-drop and MOS aging analysis. For full-chip mixed-signal verification, Synopsys’ VCS® AMS mixed-signal verification solution, incorporating VCS functional verification and the CustomSim FastSPICE simulator, deliver advanced functional and low-power verification technologies combined with industry-best performance and capacity for faster mixed-signal SoC regression testing.