The Premier Annual Event for Leaders in Data Center Technologies

This year's Optica Photonic-Enabled Cloud Computing (PECC) Industry Summit is being hosted by Synopsys.

Optica Industry Summits are renowned for their highly interactive nature, providing attendees with ample opportunities for meaningful networking. This dynamic environment facilitates the establishment of strong connections between executives, enabling key business decisions and propelling the industry forward.

Optica is partnering with the Advanced Photonics Coalition (APC, previously COBO) to host the PECC Industry Summit. This summit will focus on bringing companies together in the supply chain to discuss the innovations and deployment of optics in data center applications and beyond.  Join us at the Synopsys headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. 

During this confidential in-person gathering, we will delve into three critical topics:

Urgent Need for Change in AI Energy Consumption: The rapid growth of AI energy consumption is a pressing concern. The need to anticipate and manage the energy demands of AI on global data centers is more critical than ever. Notably, a typical ChatGPT search consumes 24 watts, six times more than a Google or Bing search. We will explore groundbreaking solutions, such as Optical Engines and Linear Drive Optics, and discuss responses from major DSP suppliers and hyperscalers.

New Materials and Their Impact: New materials are emerging as key players influencing both speed and power consumption. Lithium Niobite, Polymers, Plasmonics are among the materials contributing to the future roadmap. We will explore their roles and the potential of chiplets.

Optimizing Light Sources for Reduced Power Consumption: Efficient use of light sources is pivotal to reducing power consumption. Innovations like LEDs in data communication by Avicena and comb lasers by companies like Alfalume and Enlightra are making strides in Wavelength Division Multiplexing.