CODE V Glass Catalog Updates

To update the CODE V glass catalog to the latest version, download the following files to the specified 
CODE V installation directory.

Important notes:

  • The glass catalog files were made available in July 2019.

  • The glass catalog files are not compatible with CODE V version 11.0 or earlier.

  • CODE V should not be running when you copy the new glass catalog files to the CODE V installation folder.

  • The glass catalog files have been fully tested using CODE V version 11.2 SR1.

1. Update glass catalog files:

Download the file and extract the XML files to the  <CODEV installation directory>\GLASS folder. The files include the complete CODE V material database for homogeneous glasses.

2. Update the glass catalog data files (for macros):

Download the file and extract its contents to the  <CODEV installation directory>\MACRO folder.

These files are used by Optimization > Glass Expert (GlassExpert.seq), Lens > Glass Fitting (GLASSFIT.seq) and the supplied macros VP_PLOT.seq (used for computing and plotting the index, dispersion and partial dispersion for selected glasses) and DNDTCALC.seq (used for computing absolute dN/dT values for materials in which the vendor has supplied dN/dT coefficients). These supplied macros can be accessed in the Tools > Macro Manager menu, under Sample Macros. 

See a history of CODE V glass database changes. 

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