System Requirements

For additional information about specific platforms and hardware requirements, or for LucidShape software pricing information, contact us at

LucidShape, LucidShape Lite, LucidShape CAA V5 Based, LucidDrive

Supported Operating Systems

LucidShape and LucidShape Lite - Windows 10 64-bit

LucidDrive - Windows 10 64-bit

LucidShape CAA V5 Based for CATIA R27, R28, R29 and R30 - Windows 10 64-bit

Supported CPUs

Any CPU with at least four cores from the last or second-last processor generation

RAM required

At least 8 GB, 16 GB or more recommended

If you are planning on running any of the following scenarios, 32 GB or more recommended:

  • spectral simulations with high sensor resolutions
  • simulations using multi-view luminance camera sensors
  • simulations with many sensors in the model
  • models that contain complex geometry

Free disk space on the system drive (i.e., the drive on which the operating system is installed) for prerequisite software

5 GB

Free disk space for the LucidShape product you are installing

LucidShape/LucidShape Lite: 1.5 GB

LucidDrive: 1.75 GB

LucidShape CAA V5 Based: 1.5 GB


High-resolution monitor (1280 x 1024 or better) with 16-bit colors or more

An OpenGL compliant graphics card with stable ICD driver support is recommended. We recommend that you always use the latest version of the driver for your graphics card.

An NVIDIA graphics card is required for GPUTrace. For more details, contact us at

Additional Software

For the LucidShape CAA V5 Based product, you must have a licensed version of a supported version of CATIA V5, and the CATIA Mechanical Design 2 Configuration (MD2).

For the LucidShape CAA V5 Based product, the Design Module, Visualize Module, Light Guide Design Module, and SmartStart Material Library Module for the LucidShape CAA V5 Based product each requires a separate license.


To have a high frame rate during simulations, we recommend a computer with a multicore CPU, 1.6 GB free disk space, at least 2 GB RAM, and a graphics card that meets the latest standards. For more detailed recommendations, contact us at

SLI Technology

When using LucidDrive, you can increase the graphics performance of your computer if you double the graphics cards, which means that you are using the SLI technology by NVIDIA. There are chipsets that allow more than two cards in a computer. For more detailed recommendations, contact us at


For the GPUTrace feature, an NVIDIA graphic card is required (GeForce is recommended) with the latest available graphics card driver with CUDA compute capability of at least 5.0.

You can estimate the performance by comparing the bandwidth and the number of CUDA cores available on the card.

If you are purchasing graphics cards, contact us at for the latest recommendations.