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AI, Graphics, CPU, and many modern designs have arithmetic intensive blocks that are hard to verify with traditional techniques. Synopsys VC Formal DPV (Datapath Validation) has been the industry's golden standard to get closure on datapath verification.  

In this Synopsys webinar, we will discuss why you need a specialized formal verification tool to verify datapath. We will also present the do's and don'ts of writing C/C++ models for the arithmetic blocks so that these C/C++ models are ready for formal equivalence checking with their RTL design implementation. 

Following these best practices will help you get started with DPV successfully, reduce debug and run time, and maximize your verification efficiency. You will walk away with real knowledge on how best to write your C/C++ models for efficient datapath validation.


Listed below is the industry leader scheduled to speak.

Neelabja Dutta

Sr. Manager, Applications Engineering

Neelabja Dutta is a Sr. Manager of Applications Engineering in the Silicon Realization Group at Synopsys with 15+ years of EDA experience. He supports VC Formal Datapath Verification along with other VC Formal Apps and is based out of Mountain View, CA.

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