Synopsys Random Number Generators

Configurable Foundation of Cryptographic Operations

True Random Number Generators are the basis of device security as they create and protect secrets and other sensitive information. TRNGs are part of a “chain of trust” that is established starting with the SoC, moving to the application layers, and communicating to the cloud.

Synopsys offers standards-compliant and certification-ready True Random Number Generators (TRNGs) that are applicable to any digital semiconductor device and are highly portable across different ASIC and FPGA process technologies.

The proliferation of connected devices and the evolving nature of attacks, breaches and malware make the need for security in products and ecosystems more important than ever. True random numbers are at the heart of any secure system and their quality contributes to the security strength of designs. Many cryptographic operations require a source of random numbers, such as the creation of cipher keys and initial values for counters and protocol parameters. Weak or predictable random numbers open the door for attacks that can compromise keys, intercept data, and ultimately hack devices and their communication. Synopsys TRNGs address these issues by providing a configurable foundation of cryptographic operations.

Designing TRNGs that provide consistently high-quality entropy across processes, temperature, voltage, and frequency variations is very complex. To help ensure the highest quality, Synopsys TRNGs meet international standards criteria developed to substantiate the truly random nature of TRNGs in a verifiable and statistically rigorous manner.