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True Random Number Generators (TRNGs) are required in many applications such as wired and wireless networking, IoT, automotive, government and military communications, and content protection. TRNGs are used to generate keys, initialization vectors and nonces used in many security standards. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast-growing market where data can easily be intercepted and devices can be hacked, especially if weak RNGs are selected. Rigid compliance with the latest standards like NIST, BSI, and certifications including FIPS 140-2/140-3, Common Criteria and OSCCA can provide protection against malicious attacks and alleviate concerns about security backdoor issues such as those widely reported in the media recently.

The security strength of many systems and applications is dependent on the quality of random number generators. Many cryptographic operations require a source of random numbers primarily in the creation of cipher keys and initial values for counters and protocol parameters. Synopsys' silicon proven digital True Random Number Generators combine a whitening circuit with a noise source that provides automatic seeding of the random number stream and an ongoing source of entropy to the core. The cores are therefore classified as non-deterministic random bit generators using the terminology preferred by NIST. The noise source does not depend on process specific circuitry and is therefore very portable across different ASIC and FPGA fabrication technologies.

Synopsys True Random Number Generator Datasheet


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  • Designed for compliance with FIPS 140-2/140-3 and OSCCA certifications
  • Customer configurable
  • Wide system clock dynamic range
  • Redundant internal seed generators
  • Selectable number of seed generators: 6 or 8
  • Automatic and manual reseeding
  • Two independent background automatic reseed modes
  • Shift register compatible output stream for auxiliary uses
  • Various interfaces supported: memory mapped (AXI/AHB/APB), serial random bit stream, and nonce interface compatible with Synopsys HDCP Content Protection ESMs
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Description: True Random Number Generator Core
Name: dwc_trng
Version: 3.20a
STARs: Open and/or Closed STARs
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