The nature of embedded computing is undergoing dramatic change.  At the same time use of microprocessors has become ubiquitous, the level of complexity of these compute engines has skyrocketed. From single core to multi-core, from standalone CPUs to a mix of CPUs, DSPs and AI accelerators – there is no one-size-fits-all embedded processing solution.  And while more and more of these complex processor blocks are being integrated onto a single system-on-chip (SoC), energy efficiency remains paramount.  SoC developers feel the weight of this competing requirements.

Processor IP sits at the heart of these SoCs and plays a critical role in helping developers meet their ever-changing design challenges.  Synopsys ARC® Processor IP is designed from the ground up to deliver the maximum performance for any given power and area budget, and are supported by a broad ecosystem of tools, operating systems, and middleware from leading industry vendors and open source communities. The more you learn about ARC, the more confident you’ll be about meeting your product goals.