Synopsys ARC Simulation Tools

Advances in co-design and simulation have created more opportunities for first-pass success because now developers can simulate the entire system on a host PC prior to tape-out. Synopsys offers a variety of simulation products encompassing the entire scope from automatically generated cycle accurate simulators to fast, functional instruction set simulators. To enable SW development in a full system-on-chip (SoC) context, Synopsys provides a methodology package that allows virtualization of the software visible SoC components, such as peripheral registers, memories and interrupts.

Although simulation is a proven tool for decreasing time-to-market, it is important to match one's needs with the strengths of the various simulation technologies available. Synopsys offers a broad suite of simulation products that enable hardware / software co-design prior to silicon being available. Each product differs in its intended use model, speed, accuracy, and debug views.

  • Set hardware watchpoints on memory and registers
  • Specify memory size and location
  • Stop execution on loads of a value
  • Trace instructions
  • View the most recently executed instructions