Synopsys Standard Subscription Maintenance Services Terms


The following terms and conditions apply to the standard Maintenance Services purchased by a Customer.  The Subscription Services and all Releases and Workarounds are subject to the Terms of Service accepted by Customer and Synopsys.


1. Subscription Maintenance Services.  “Subscription Maintenance Services” means the standard Maintenance and Support provided by Synopsys to Customer as further described below.  Subject to Customer’s payment of applicable fees, Synopsys will provide the following standard Maintenance Services to Customer for the period agreed by the parties in the Agreement:

1.1 Maintenance and Support.

(a) Maintenance. Maintenance” means the updates or upgrades to the Service that are made generally available by Synopsys to customers who subscribe the Service during the Service Term identified in the Agreement, if any.

(b) Support.  “Support” means the e-mail and telephone technical services that Synopsys offers regarding the use and function of the Service.  Synopsys will provide Support and respond to Service Issues as further described below.  A “Service Issue” is a Customer inquiry regarding the functionality or use of the Service. Customer agrees that Synopsys’ Support obligations concerning the Service’s use with third party products, including compilers, operating systems and other software or services, shall be limited to those items set forth in the Documentation.   Service Issues are assigned a classification at the time of Customer’s initial contact with Synopsys and are classified according to the severity levels set forth below.  Synopsys will initially respond in accordance with the response times applicable to Service Issues reported by telephone or e-mail during Synopsys’ regular service hours for the applicable region as set forth below.  Failure to contact Customer within the response time period because the Customer is unavailable (e.g., phone busy, no answer, in a meeting, or out of the office) does not constitute Synopsys’ noncompliance with the response commitment.  Customer shall cooperate with Synopsys to provide reproducible results for any errors reported.  Synopsys’ ability to provide Support will depend, in some cases, on the ability of the Customer representatives to provide accurate and detailed information and to aid Synopsys in handling a Service Issue. Customer shall provide Synopsys with reasonable access to Customer systems, premises and staff as needed to provide Support.


Service Issue Classification Response Time Next Steps
Severity P1—Critical Business Impact:  Service is not functioning or is stopped or severely impacted so that Customer cannot reasonably continue use of Service and no workaround is available. One business day Once the Service Issue is verified, Synopsys will engage development staff during Synopsys’ business hours (but in no event later than 12 hours after the Service Issue is verified) until a workaround is achieved.
Severity P2—Major Business Impact: Service is functioning inconsistently causing significantly impaired Customer usage and productivity, such as periodic work stoppages and feature crashes. One business day Once the Service Issue is verified, Synopsys will engage development staff during Synopsys’ business hours (but in no event later than 24 hours after the Service Issue is verified) until a workaround is achieved.
Severity P3—Minor Business Impact: Service is functioning inconsistently causing slightly impaired Customer usage and productivity but Customer can work around such inconsistency or impairment. Two business days Once the Service Issue is verified, Synopsys will consider a workaround, if appropriate in Synopsys’ sole discretion, and Service enhancements for such Service Issue for inclusion in a subsequent update to the Service.
Severity P4—No Business Impact: Service is functioning consistently but Customer requests minor changes in Service such as Documentation updates, cosmetic defects or enhancements. Three business days Once contact has been made with Customer, Synopsys will consider Service enhancements for inclusion in a subsequent update to the Service.


(c) Customer Point of Contact.  Customer will designate a specific individual to be the primary point of contact for Maintenance Service communications with Synopsys and will deliver contact information for such individual to Synopsys’ support team.

1.2 On-Site Support.  Customer may elect to purchase specific on-site support packages, details of which can be found on Synopsys’ website.  The purpose of on-site support is to help customers optimize deployment of the Service, including installation, setup, configuration, and additional support offerings.

1.3 Exclusions to Maintenance Services.  Maintenance Services do not include the right to access new or bundled product or Service offerings made available by Synopsys, unless licenses for such offerings are separately purchased.  Synopsys will not have any obligation to provide Maintenance Services for problems in the operation or performance of the Service to the extent caused by any of the following:  (a) modifications to the Service made by a party other than Synopsys; (b) Customer’s use of the Service other than as authorized by the applicable agreement licensing access to the Service to Customer or as provided in the Documentation; or (c) Customer’s use of scripts or other deliverables provided to Customer under On-Site Support services (as described in Section 1.2 above).  If, in its sole discretion, Synopsys determines that a problem in the operation or performance of the Service is caused by the foregoing, then Synopsys will notify Customer promptly and have no further Maintenance Service obligations related to such problem. If Customer requests services beyond standard Maintenance Services, Synopsys will have the right to invoice Customer at Synopsys’ then-current published time and materials rates for the provision of such services.


2. Hours of Service and Contact Information.


For Customers located in Europe:

Contact us by: At During
Email 9:00 – 17:00 CET
Phone +353-76-615-3319 9:00 – 17:00 CET


For Customers located in Japan:

Contact us by: At During
Email 9am – 5pm JST
Phone +81 (0)3 6746-3666 9am – 5pm JST


For all other Customers:

Contact us by: At During
Email 7am – 6pm PT
Phone 800-873-7793 or+1 415.321.5239 7am – 6pm PT


All contact information is subject to change upon notice from Synopsys.


3. General.  These terms and conditions contain the parties’ entire agreement concerning Maintenance Services with respect to the Services.  Customer agrees that additional or different terms on Customer’s purchase order shall not apply.  Any waiver, modification or amendment of these terms and conditions will be effective only if in writing and signed by an authorized representative of Customer and Synopsys.