Synopsys Logos & Usage

The proper usage of the “Synopsys” logo and the “Synopsys Silicon to Software” logo are outlined below.


If you have questions regarding usage, such as when is it appropriate to use the “Synopsys” logo vs. the “Synopsys Silicon to Software” logo .


Synopsys black on white logo example
Silicon to Software  black on white logo example

The stand-off (clear white space) around the logo should be the X height of the letter "S".
The logo may not be skewed, tipped, rotated, shadowed, outlined or modified in any way.

Synopsys Logo

Synopsys Silicon to Software Logo

The “Synopsys Silicon to Software” logo may appear as outlined in the table below. Note: The tagline “Silicon to Software” is set in a special font and is set to fit the width of the Synopsys logotype. 


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