At Synopsys, our aim is to create a Smart Future that’s sustainable, just, and secure. Our Smart Future Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program provides a focus and structure for how we manage our own operational impact and influence others around us to create a better world.

Rising stakeholder interest and expectations, and legal and regulatory requirements around Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors, help ensure that our CSR work remains focused on areas of greatest importance to our company and our key stakeholders.

By improving our own impacts and positively influencing our communities, customers, partners, and suppliers, Synopsys is helping drive positive change in the world—from enabling low power computing to powering new healthcare technologies and bringing safety and security to the driverless car revolution.

CSR Management

Synopsys’ CSR strategy and goals are set by the CSR Management Team with the support of the CSR Leadership Committee. The committee is made up of executives from across our business and is responsible for driving ESG performance for Synopsys and in their respective areas of responsibility.

The Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee of the board of directors is responsible for reviewing and assessing policies, practices, risk assessments, and risk management around our CSR performance, including ESG matters.

Smart Future Commitment Diagram | Synopsys

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