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Researchers are the cornerstone of turning the impossible into the technology of tomorrow. Synopsys recognizes the driving force of researchers in the EDA industry and emphasizes partnerships with academics on R&D programs to provide experience to students to work on industry level problems.

Researcher's Toolkit


SolvNetPlus is a repository of self-help resources to resolve many support issues, provide training, and educational materials.  

Reference Flows  

RMgen provides an easy way to configure and download product-specific and release-specific reference methodology scripts. These scripts are a starting point for developing product-specific flow scripts. Customize the scripts to work in your design environment. Reference Methodology Retrieval System


Research Partnerships  

We are invested in partnering with academics in science through university memberships like these. If you would like us to partner with your center/lab, please email us.

Synopsys Users Group (SNUG)

Synopsys Users Group (SNUG) has represented a global design community that is focused on focused on innovating. University Software Program members are invited to attend and learn more.


Synopsys in Science

Let us know how you use Synopsys in your research and your publications. Contact us for more info!

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