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Get a head start in your career by gaining hands-on experience with Synopsys tools and learning resources. Synopsys University Software Program equips your university with the curriculum and teaching resources to implement industry-level tools in the classroom.

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Support for University Software Programs


SolvNetPlus is a repository of self-help resources to resolve many support issues, provide access to training, and many educational materials.


Semester-length course contains material including syllabus, lectures, labs, homework, and exams. Synopsys tools are applied in the labs for a thorough and practical understanding of theoretical concepts introduced in each course.


Academics can access on-demand training in SolvNetPlus for free. Courses are tailored toward various experience levels, ranging from introductory to advanced design methodology.


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Internships and Early Career

Investing in the next generation of talent is important to us, and you’ll find that our teams are enthusiastic about working with you. In addition to our teaching resources, Synopsys careers cultivate the professional and interpersonal skills you’ll need wherever your future takes you. 

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Synopsys attends and supports many different conferences, contests, and career fairs to support student learning and career growth. You can find us at these events:

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