HAPS Prototyping Hardware

Synopsys’ HAPS prototyping solutions enable pre-silicon embedded software development and system validation of complete systems and subsystems at near real-time operating speeds using real-world interfaces. The HAPS® High-performance ASIC Prototyping System™ is designed to support all of your ASIC prototyping needs, including hardware verification, proof-of-concept studies, IP development and end-user evaluations. HAPS capabilities include:

  • Flexible, scalable and expandable system architecture – maximizes the reusability for multiple projects
  • Best-in-class quality and reliability – ensures the highest system performance and stability
  • Wide catalog of I/O interfaces including Gigabit PHYs – a deep catalog of HAPS Accessory daughter boards to interface to the physical world
  • HapsTrak standard – I/O connector standard that allows for backward and forward compatibility with previous and future generations of HAPS systems
  • High-speed Time-Domain-Multiplexing (TDM) – high-speed interconnect multiplexing increases bandwidth limiting effective capacity on FPGAs
  • Advanced verification functionality – includes co-simulation, transaction-based verification, and fast Universal Multi-Resource Bus (UMRBus) interface for high-speed design interaction and monitoring
  • Interoperable with DesignWare® IP Prototyping Kits – Synopsys offers support to merge multiple DesignWare IP’s into a subsystem with a HAPS-80 or HAPS-70 system as the integration point allowing teams to incorporate other major IP blocks with proprietary design elements

Visit the HAPS prototyping webpage for more information.