Founded in 2013, Orbbec is a global leader in advanced 3D camera technology, specializing in computer vision, people/object tracking, and VR/AR applications. With operations spanning China and the United States, Orbbec's 3D cameras are renowned for their precision, compact design, and intelligent computing capabilities. These cameras are perfect for a variety of applications, including surveillance, home assistance, and home automation. To meet their stringent SoC design requirements, Orbbec needed a high-quality, low-power, and compact camera interface IP solution, leading them to Synopsys.

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Orbbec faced several significant challenges in the development of their 3D camera SoC:

  • Stringent Requirements: Acquire IP that met quality and stringent power, and area requirements.
  • Aggressive Timelines: Meet aggressive design schedules for smart, 3D camera SoC.
  • Integration Risks: Ease integration efforts while minimizing risk.


Orbbec selected Synopsys' DesignWare MIPI D-PHY IP to address their challenges. This solution provided a high-quality, AI-ready camera interface with low-power consumption and a small silicon footprint. Key features included:

  • Low-Power Modes: Multiple low-power modes, including shut-down, to support battery-operated mobile devices.
  • Test Modes: Enhanced reliability was achieved through various test modes provided by the PHY.
  • Expert Support: Synopsys’ expert and responsive technical support ensured smooth IP integration and timely project completion.

Orbbec's engineering team integrated the IP into their SoC in just two weeks, achieving first-pass silicon success on the first full-mask tapeout.


The implementation of Synopsys’ DesignWare MIPI D-PHY IP led to several significant outcomes for Orbbec:

  • Accelerated Time-to-Market: Achieved first-pass silicon success, accelerating time-to-market by a month.
  • Met Design Requirements: Met quality, power, and area requirements for their new SoC targeting 3D camera with intelligent computing capabilities.
  • Reduced Integration Risk: Reduced integration risk with silicon-proven DesignWare IP.

These results have enabled Orbbec to maintain their position as a leader in the 3D camera industry, delivering innovative products with exceptional performance and reliability.