Imparé, a verification services company founded by Faisal Haque, leverages extensive design and verification experience to help chip developers verify their most complex designs. With a team boasting over 70 years of cumulative experience and having taped out over 40 chip designs, Imparé prides itself on cost-competitive, high-quality verification services. Recently, Imparé adopted the Synopsys Cloud and the Synopsys SaaS Cloud Verification Instance to enhance their verification capabilities and streamline their processes.

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Imparé faced several significant challenges:
  • Infrastructure Limitations: The team lacked the necessary infrastructure for running simulations and regressions.
  • Scalability Issues: The need to scale verification computation resources up or down efficiently.
  • Collaboration Difficulties: Ensuring seamless remote collaboration among a globally distributed team.
  • Verification Closure: Achieving verification closure quickly and accurately while minimizing human error.


Imparé adopted the Synopsys Cloud and the Synopsys SaaS Cloud Verification Instance to address these challenges. This solution provided a virtual server farm, eliminating the need for a separate server infrastructure. Key features included:

  • Easy Setup: The Synopsys SaaS Cloud was straightforward to set up, allowing Imparé to focus on verification tasks immediately.
  • Remote Access: An HTML browser interface with multi-factor authentication enabled secure remote access.
  • Complete Verification Flow: The Verification Instance offered a comprehensive workflow from test planning to regression with built-in automation.
  • Collaboration Tools: Engineers could collaborate on verification projects remotely, checking out and checking in projects with ease.
  • Technical Capabilities: The Verification Instance included tools like the Synopsys VCS® simulator and the Synopsys Verdi® debugger, along with support for SystemVerilog, UVM, VHDL, and mixed language designs.
  • Scalability: The solution allowed Imparé to scale computation and licensing resources as needed, optimizing verification costs.


The implementation of Synopsys SaaS Cloud Verification Instance brought significant benefits to Imparé:

  • Infrastructure Efficiency: The virtual server farm eliminated the need for a separate server infrastructure, allowing Imparé to focus on core verification tasks.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Remote collaboration among global team members improved, enabling efficient project management and execution.
  • Reduced Verification Time: Automation and comprehensive tools minimized manual intervention, reducing the time to achieve verification closure and decreasing the risk of missed bugs.
  • Scalability: Imparé could efficiently scale resources to meet peak verification demands and optimize costs during lower demand periods.

By leveraging Synopsys Cloud, Imparé has significantly enhanced its verification processes, ensuring high-quality, cost-effective verification services for their clients.