Seagate: Connecting the Smart Devices that Connect Us | Synopsys Innovation Series

How Seagate Brings Smart Everything to Life

Seagate Technology was founded on the belief that data is potential. More than a decade ago, Seagate pioneered surveillance-optimized data storage for security applications. Today, Seagate and Synopsys work together to drive the evolution of data storage performance across the billions of smart, connected devices that connect us.

Harnessing Data for
Smart Cities 

By 2025, the number of IoT devices will reach 80 billion. Future smart cities will depend on smart surveillance systems, IoT sensors, and edge computing devices powered by AI to analyze and deliver data in real time.

Seagate implements robust solutions from the edge to the cloud, enabling smart surveillance systems that keep us safe on the road, in the office, and in our homes.

Innovating From the
Chip to the Cloud

Everyone—from individuals to businesses—depends on data to improve efficiency, quality of life, and safety. In the era of Smart Everything, the global datasphere will only expand. 

Synopsys accelerates the development of energy-efficient, high-speed data storage designs. From the chip to the cloud, we help customers optimize power, connectivity, reliability, and security for a data-intensive world.