Simpleware Licensing Options

Simpleware is committed to providing high-quality software products on current computing platforms that are well-suited for image processing and engineering simulations. For information on the supported Windows and Linux operating systems, please refer to this page: System Requirements. All software products are licensed using FlexNet (FLEXlm), the industry standard software license manager from Flexera Software.

License Configurations

  • Node-locked: The license is tied to a single PC that can only be accessed by one user at a time. Please note that use via remote desktop connectivity does not work with node-locked licenses.
  • Floating: The license is managed by a single PC or server, which provides licenses to other machines on the same local area network (LAN). Continental and Global wide area network (WAN) license agreements are also available. The number of users that can access a license simultaneously is only limited by the number of seats purchased.
    The license server tools are installed from the Synopsys Common Licensing software which provides support for both Windows and Linux platforms. For further information please refer to the Synopsys: SCL Supported OS page.

For detailed information about release specific platform support, please visit the Synopsys: Release Specific Support page.


License Terms

A one-year or multi-year lease of the software that comes with maintenance.

Maintenance includes full support from our engineers, including image data review and tailored advice and discussion by phone, email and web meeting. Maintenance also includes bug fixes, upgrades (minor and major) and allows node-locked licenses or a floating server license to be moved to another computer at no additional cost.

Select Your Package

1.  Choose your software bundle:  Simpleware ScanIP standalone OR with additional modules (i.e. Simpleware AS Ortho/CMF, Simpleware AS Cardio, Simpleware Custom Modeler, Simpleware FE, Simpleware CAD, Simpleware NURBS, Simpleware Design Link, Simpleware SOLID, Simpleware FLOW, Simpleware LAPLACE)

2. Choose your license configuration: Node-Locked OR Floating

3. Choose your license term: Annual OR Multi-year


Any Questions?

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