Simpleware Design Link Module

Simpleware Design Link passes data between Simpleware ScanIP and SOLIDWORKS

Link Simpleware ScanIP & SOLIDWORKS for Product Development

Simpleware Design Link allows users of Simpleware software and SOLIDWORKS® to harness the power of both software packages and speed up product development workflows. The module eliminates the need to import/export between the two packages. With Simpleware Design Link, updates are passed between SOLIDWORKS and Simpleware ScanIP with a single click, enhancing iterative product design workflows such as patient-specific implant planning.

Why use Simpleware Design Link?

Simpleware Design Link enables Simpleware ScanIP’s powerful 3D image processing (MRI, CT…) functionality to work alongside SOLIDWORKS to design ideal parts and complement real-world image data.

Hip implant design workflow with Simpleware Design Link and SOLIDWORKS

  • Fast and easy-to-use: Establish the connection to SOLIDWORKS from within the Simpleware interface with the click of a button.
  • Flexible: Import a whole assembly or a range of selected parts from SOLIDWORKS in one go.
  • Increased productivity: No need to waste time with manual exports, file transfers, and import of each design iteration.
  • Reliable: Always use the latest designs by simply clicking the Sync button to retrieve the most recent design changes.
  • Powerful: Combine the functionality of proven CAD software whilst maintaining all the image processing and meshing strengths of Simpleware software.
  • Fully supported: All licences come with full support from our expert team of application engineers.

Try Simpleware ScanIP with Design Link Module

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Combine CAD and 3D Image Data

  • Import SOLIDWORKS parts or assemblies into Simpleware ScanIP
  • Use Simpleware ScanIP’s full functionality to position the part with respect to your 3D image data
  • Use SOLIDWORKS to make changes to your part design, such as changing the diameter of an acetabular cup
  • Sync updates made in SOLIDWORKS to linked design in Simpleware ScanIP
Syncing Simpleware ScanIP with SOLIDWORKS

Watch Simpleware Design Link in Action

  • Import SOLIDWORKS assemblies into Simpleware ScanIP
  • Interactively position assemblies with image data
  • Make adjustments to parts in SOLIDWORKS
  • Sync changes between SOLIDWORKS and Simpleware ScanIP
  • Push objects or measurements to SOLIDWORKS assemblies

All the Tools and Features in Simpleware Design Link

Simpleware Design Link comes with a select range of features for working with CAD and image data. Download the Simpleware Design Link technical datasheet for a list of all the features available in this release.


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