Building Automated Workflows for Patient-Specific Surgical Guides with nTopology

Posted on 20 January 2023 by Jessica James


We have recently developed a patient-specific workflow that utilizes the power of automation to speed up the process of designing customized surgical guides. By combining the expertise of Synopsys Simpleware software and nTopology, we were able to create a streamlined workflow that significantly reduces the time and labor required for manual segmentation of CT data. One of the key benefits of this approach is the ability to easily and quickly scale up the design process for multiple patients.

Our joint workflow utilizes scripting, plug-ins, and AI-based Machine Learning methods to segment knee CT data, add landmarks, and design surgical guides. This data is then used by nTopology's automated process to generate patient-specific devices that take into account manufacturability considerations for additive manufacturing. The proof-of-concept workflow was found to be highly effective in automating large parts of the process and reducing the need for manual labor. According to Alkaios Bournias Varotsis of nTopology, "by combining the automated image processing of Simpleware with the generative design capabilities of nTopology, we can push 3D printed patient-specific surgical guides to the next level."

Surgical guide in nTopology software

At Synopsys Simpleware, we are excited to see how our AI-enabled tools are being applied to different applications. Our Simpleware AS Ortho/CMF and Simpleware AS Cardio modules are ideal for streamlining operations that involve large amounts of medical image data, such as implant design. By cutting down on the time spent on manual segmentation, we are able to free up more time for higher-value tasks. In addition, we provide fully customized solutions purpose-built for different requirements as part of Simpleware Custom Modeler.

Our Product Manager Kerim Genc has previously commented on the potential impact of AI tools: "Nothing gets me more excited than speaking to a device company’s patient-specific group that is in the process of scaling up but struggling due to image processing issues. Our AI-enabled solutions are designed to help companies reduce bottlenecks in their manual segmentation and measurement workflows and eliminate the need to hire more technicians to cope with the case load. With the help of our AI solutions, it is possible to scale up operations and improve efficiency without being limited by employee turnover and training."

As automation becomes more crucial to medical device and other companies, we look forward to more workflow collaborations in the future.

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