New Features with Simpleware Software Release T-2022.03

Posted on 8 March 2022 by George Hyde-Linaker


We are excited to announce Simpleware Release T-2022.03. Our latest release of Simpleware software includes many new features and improvements, including the new shoulder CT tool in the Simpleware AS Ortho module, contour measurements, improved 3D printing capabilities, and aortic valve analysis.

What's New in Version T-2022.03

Simpleware AS Ortho: Shoulder CT Auto Segmenter

  • Fully automatic AI segmentation of shoulder CT scans
  • Segments the Humerus, Scapula, and Clavicle
  • Automatic positioning of anatomical landmarks 
  • Automatic region of interest detection to speed up inference

2D Contour Measurements

  • 2D contour creation from straight lines, splines, and active contours
  • D-shaped contours for computing dimensions of D-shaped annulus
  • Effective tool when used in conjunction with multi-planar reconstruction

3D Printing: Pins and Sockets

  • Easily generate interlocking 3D parts for printing
  • Modify pin and socket geometries before and after pin placement
  • Smooth workflow in exporting parts for 3D printing

Simpleware AS Cardio: Aortic Valve Characterization

  • Efficient analysis of aortic valve location and dimensions
  • Computation of Annulus plane, Aorta Cusp plane and Ostia distances
  • Compute centerline analysis, including Sinus of Valsalva and Sinotubular junction

Additional Improvements

  • De-stepping tool for smoothing stepped segmentations 
  • Improved Metal Artefact Reduction
  • NIFTI import
  • Improved 4D landmark display
  • DICOM encapsulated OBJ
  • Multipart CAD import and meshing
  • Improved registration tools

Key Benefits of the New Release

  • Easily segment shoulder CT scans using Simpleware AS Ortho 
  • Enhance measurements with new capabilities
  • Produce interlocking 3D parts for printing
  • Streamline aortic valve analysis using Simpleware AS Cardio
  • Smooth stepped segmentations using the new de-stepping tool

Release Webinar with Demos

Join us on March 30, 2022 to see the new features in action. Register to watch live or to receive the on-demand recording to view at your own convenience.

Get the Latest Version

For existing customers, please visit SolvNetPlus to download the new version. Please contact Simpleware support for further help and information.

If you would like to try Simpleware T-2022.03, download a fully functional trial version:

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