A Journey Through Advanced Manufacturing in 2021

6-Part Webinar Series: Leveraging State-of-the-Art Design, Simulation, Build, Inspection, and Test to Bring Next Generation Products to Market

Thursday, April 15 - Thursday, June 24, 2021

4 pm UTC (GMT): 9 am PDT (US West Coast) / 12 pm EDT (US East Coast) / 6 pm CEST (Europe)

Join nToplogy, Ansys, EOS, NSI, Stress Engineering Services and Synopsys for a 6-part webinar series presenting a full design, simulation, fabrication, testing, and quality assurance workflow for advanced manufacturing.

Schematic of the workflow covered in this webinar series.

In this unique collaborative project, these six industry leaders took on the challenge to develop a clean slate rapid design of a traditional heat exchanger leveraging their most advanced capabilities that their companies offered.

As a result, the new design is 80% lighter, 40% smaller in form-factor, and 10x more efficient in heat transfer than conventional technology. The agility of the team’s participants enabled the entire process to be completed in less than 4 months. This included all the critical steps of design, simulations, inspection, and testing.

As part of this webinar series you will learn how you can leverage common and commercially available solutions to replicate similar advancements in your own product development.

Webinar Schedule and Descriptions

Webinar 1 – April 15, 2021: Advanced Manufacturing Revolution – Leveraging a new paradigm for growth (Watch On-Demand)

  • This session will cover:
    • nTopology, Ansys, EOS, North Star Imaging (NSI) and Synopsys, collaborated remotely in this virtual innovation project.
    • The webinar will highlight the key technologies necessary for rapid innovation and execution of this project using advanced manufacturing technology.
    • Project logistics, timelines and ROI related metrics will be highlighted.
    • Extract maximum value from existing design, simulation and inspection tools. 
  • Who should attend: Technology leaders and managers 
  • Presenters: Ryan O’Hara (nTopology), Sunil Acharya (Ansys), Kerim Genc (Synopsys)


Webinar 2 - April 29, 2021: Design Process with Simulation (Watch On-Demand)

  • This session will cover:
    • nTopology and Ansys will discuss how to generate dense thermally efficient heat exchanger designs.
    • Leveraging state of the art design and simulation tools to produce higher performing heat exchangers in volume constrained applications.
    • Demonstrating how the next generation of implicit geometry representations can be used to drive the future of heat exchanger designs and gains in heat exchanger performance.
  • Who should attend: Designers and simulation analysts and their managers
  • Presenters: Maiki Vlahinos (nTopology), Walter Schwarz (Ansys)


Webinar 3 - May 13, 2021: Simulation of the build and the actual build process (Watch On-Demand)

  • This session will cover:
    • Ansys and EOS will discuss the build process optimization and the successful printing in the first attempt.
    • The Additive Manufacturing simulations used to optimize the build process and support design.
  • Who should attend: Designers and Additive Manufacturing engineers and their managers
  • Presenters: Mohammad Masoomi (Ansys), Jon Spragg (EOS)


Webinar 4 - May 27, 2021: CT Scanning of the part and image-based inspection (Watch On-Demand)

  • This session will cover:
    • NSI and Synopsys will discuss the CT scanning process and how the 3D image data was used for inspection.
    • Complete image processing including defect detection, CAD comparison and porosity analysis.
  • Who should attend: Machine operators, Quality Control engineers and their managers
  • Presenters: Brett Muehlhauser (NSI), Thomas Spirka (Synopsys)


Webinar 5 - June 10, 2021: FE meshing of the part, FE simulation and validation testing (Watch On-Demand)

  • This session will cover:
    • Synopsys and Ansys discusses the process of reverse engineering of image data. 
    • Efficiently convert image data into multi-domain and error free volumetric FE meshes.  
    • Comparison of heat exchanger performance for the as-built vs as-designed models.
  • Who should attend: Analysts, Quality Control engineers and their managers
  • Presenters: Thomas Spirka (Synopsys), Sunil Acharya (Ansys), Matt Sanders (Stress Engineering Services)


Panel Discussion - June 24, 2021: Expert Panel discussion of the entire workflow and implications on mass-production (Watch On-Demand)

  • This session will cover:
    • The discussion will focus on the entire workflow and implications on mass-production.  
    • The expert panel will talk about what could go wrong and step-by-step challenges.
  • Who should attend: Everyone interested in implementing Additive Manufacturing within their organization
  • Panel: Ryan O’Hara (nTopology), Brent Stucker (Ansys), Sunil Acharya (Ansys), Kerim Genc (Synopsys), Jon Spragg (EOS), Brett Muehlhauser (NSI), Matt Sanders (Stress Engineering Services)


Ryan O'Hara, PhD
Technical Director of Aerospace and Defense (nTopology)

Dr. Ryan P. O'Hara is currently serving as the Technical Director for Aerospace and Defense at nTopology,  Dr. O'Hara joined nTopology in April 2019 after 20 years of military service in the United States Air Force as a Developmental Engineer.  His technical focus is on the application of Mechanical Structures and Structural Dynamics to Aerospace Systems. Areas of interest include turbine engines, laminate composites, meta-materials, and additive manufacturing. Prior to starting at nTopology, he was in academia as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Aeronautics and  Astronautics at the US Air Force Institute of Technology.

Maiki Vlahinos
Senior Application Engineer (nTopology)

Maiki Vlahinos is a Senior Application Engineer at nTopology. His primary focus is in the Aerospace and Defense industries. Vlahinos has nearly a decade of CAE expertise in CAD, FEA and CFD.

Sunil Acharya, PhD
Lead Application Engineer (Ansys)

Dr. Sunil Acharya is an engineering simulation expert with 21 years of industry experience in simulation-based techniques for product design and process modeling.  As a Lead Application Engineer for the ANSYS Customer Excellence (ACE) Team, Sunil's primary areas of expertise is in materials and multi-physics modeling.  Sunil is a mechanical engineer (IIT, Bombay) with a PhD (Polymer Engineering) and MS (Biomedical Engineering) from the University of Akron. Sunil is a member of the NAFEMS Manufacturing Simulations Working Group and the Digital Twin Consortium.

Walter Schwarz, PhD
Principal Application Engineer (Ansys)

Dr. Walter Schwarz is an engineering simulation expert with over 30 years of experience in the areas of flow modeling, heat transfer, and turbulence who currently is a Principal Application Engineer for the ANSYS Customer Excellence (ACE) Team. His application expertise covers all areas of aerospace & defense applications, power generation (fossil, nuclear, solar, wind), contaminant & pollutant dispersion, external airflow around buildings, indoor environmental modeling (HVAC), and data center cooling. Dr. Schwarz received his PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and prior to joining Fluent Inc. in 1996, Dr. Schwarz had worked at Westinghouse and had also been at Stevens Institute of Technology.

Mohammad Masoomi, PhD
Application Engineer (Ansys)

Dr. Mohammad Masoomi is a Mechanical Application Engineer with a focus on Additive Manufacturing in ANSYS. Mohammad has research experience with influence of AM process parameters on mechanical properties of the fabricated parts and development of numerical method for thermal history prediction. Mohammad’s research has been published in 14 journal and conference publications. He holds a Ph.D. from Auburn University.

Brent Stucker, PhD
Distinguished Engineer (Ansys)

Dr. Brent Stucker is a Distinguished Engineer in Additive Manufacturing (AM) at Ansys. He is the co-founder and former CEO of 3DSIM, acquired by ANSYS in November, 2017. Dr. Stucker has been a leading researcher and industry expert in additive manufacturing for almost 30 years. Dr. Stucker was the founding chairman of ASTM International Committee F42 on Additive Manufacturing Technologies, and was elected to the ASTM International Board of Directors in 2015. He has received numerous AM awards, holds numerous patents, has authored and co-authored over 200 technical publications on AM. Dr. Stucker received his B.S. from the University of Idaho and his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University, both in Mechanical Engineering.

Jon Spragg
Senior Engineer (EOS)

Jon Spragg is a Senior Applications Engineer for EOS North America, where he is responsible for training customers on EOS’ newest industrial 3D printing equipment (EOS M 400-4 SES L and EOS M 300-4) with and without monitoring capabilities. Jon began his additive manufacturing career at DSM Sonia in 2005 as an applications technician in New Castle, DE. In 2012, he was hired by Integra, working as an SLA applications engineer. EOS acquired Integra later that year and he has been training new and existing customer metal applications ever since.  Jon specializes in the EOS monitoring suite software (EOSTATE OT and MPM). Jon has a chemistry degree from The College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio.

Brett Muehlhauser
R&D Technical Fellow (NSI)

Brett Muehlhauser is a R&D Technical Fellow at NSI working to continue the advancement of CT and DR technologies and applications.  Brett has been with NSI for 20 years performing R&D, applications engineering, Failure Analysis, writing DR and CT training curriculum and teaching these courses to a global audience.  He has worked in the field of Digital X-ray Imaging for over 35 years.   Prior to coming to NSI, Brett worked in the aerospace industry for 15 years performing product development, failure analysis and product evaluations.  Brett has been an ASNT and NAS 410 Level 3 for the last 35 years and been actively involved in the development of ASTM standards for Computed Tomography and Digital Radiography.

Kerim Genc, PhD
Business Development Manager (Synopsys)

Dr. Kerim Genc is the Business Development Manager for the Simpleware Product Group at Synopsys.  He joined Simpleware in 2011 as a Technical Sales Consultant and is currently responsible for managing global sales, business development and technical marketing content development. He received his BS and MS in biomechanics from the University of Calgary and the Pennsylvania State University respectively and completed his PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University looking at countermeasures to spaceflight induced bone loss and fracture risk.

Thomas Spirka, PhD
Senior Application Engineer (Synopsys)

Dr. Thomas Spirka a Senior Applications Engineer the Simpleware Group at Synopsys, working closely with engineers and researchers to solve problems through service projects, technical support and training. Through his current and previous positions, Thomas has acquired over 10 years of experience in working with FEA and CFD models based on 3D image data. Thomas completed his doctorate in Biomedical Engineering at Cleveland State University

Matt Sanders,
Principal (Stress Engineering Services)

Matt Sanders is a Principal with Stress Engineering Services where he works in the full-scale testing laboratory conducting qualification testing as well as verification and validation of complex systems, including additively manufactured components. Matt serves on multiple national standardization committees working to advance the field of additive manufacturing. Stress Engineering conducts design, analysis, and testing for a variety of industries including energy, medical, aerospace, and defense.

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