Lynx Design System

Lynx Design System

A Comprehensive Chip Design Environment

Proven SoC Design Environment for Higher Productivity and Predictability

The Lynx Design System is a full-chip design environment that includes innovative automation and reporting capabilities to help designers implement and monitor their designs. It includes a production RTL-to-GDSII flow that can be leveraged to simplify and automate flows for many critical implementation and validation tasks, enabling engineers to focus on achieving performance and design goals. Developed by chip designers for chip designers, the Lynx Design System is based on tools from the industry-leading Synopsys Design Platform, and has been validated with more than 100 tape-outs from 180-nanometer (nm) to 14-nm. 

User Benefits

  • Visualization technology provides intuitive, easy-to-use flow creation, execution automation and project reporting
  • Build innovative and sophisticated automation solutions such as circuit validation, correlation and IP regression to improve productivity
  • Production-proven design flow incorporates the latest methodologies to deliver fast and predictable results
  • Open environment provides library and foundry independence with support for 3rd party tools, enabling flow portability and customization across multiple projects
  • Technology plug-ins enable foundry and library data configuration and validation, reducing risk and accelerating project schedules