As threats from adversaries increase, security countermeasures must be frequently updated to protect against the latest physical attacks, such as side-channel attacks and fault injection attacks, to prevent exposure of sensitive information, IP theft, counterfeiting, and cloning of devices.

Synopsys' Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) technology has been deployed by its Aerospace and Government electronics customers for over a decade. It has been operational in the harshest mission-critical environments—both terrestrial and space-based—without breach or failure.

Our hardware security IP has undergone rigorous and extensive security vulnerability and reliability assessment by U.S. and European aerospace contractors and government agencies; its ability to provide embedded security in critical circuits has resulted in approval for implementation in advanced aerospace electronics systems.

  • For Aerospace & Government (A&G) customers, Synopsys offers IP based on PUF technology across a range of platforms, which meet the most stringent levels of security requirements
  • We also provide our A&G customers with customized PUF-based solutions that enable them to meet NIST, FIPS, and DoD security standards using their own design architecture
  • We enable our A&G customers to design security IP into their high-performance FPGAs and SoCs, which deliver higher levels of security than traditional hardware security approaches
  • Our A&G customers have rated Synopsys PUF technology as the strongest hardware identifiers available to bind software crypto keys to hardware