ARC Processor
Virtual Summit

Your Embedded Edge Starts Here
September 9-10, 2020

Why Attend?

Join us for the ARC Processor Virtual Summit to hear our experts, users and ecosystem partners discuss the most recent trends and product developments in ARC-based processor solutions.  This multi-day event will provide you with in-depth information from industry leaders on the latest processor IP solutions.

Whether you are a developer of chips, systems or software, the ARC Processor Virtual Summit will give you practical information to help you create more differentiated products in the shortest amount of time. 


Comprehensive solutions that help drive security, safety & reliability into automotive systems


Power-efficient HW/SW solutions to implement a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) & internet of things (IoT) technologies in next-gen SoCs

High-Performance Embedded

Solutions to meet performance and data protection requirements of high-end embedded designs

Keynote Spotlight

Frank McCleary

Associate Partner, Porsche Consulting, Inc.

Wed., September 9 | 9:10 - 10:00 a.m. PST





Accelerating Development of Functionally Safe Automotive Systems

The increasingly complex electronics hardware and software architectures of next-generation autonomous, connected, and electric vehicles represent new and daunting challenges for automotive engineering teams. This keynote by Porsche Consulting, Inc. will discuss how automotive development organizations can accelerate silicon chip design with automotive-grade IP, speed software development with virtual prototypes, and address functionality safety and reliability throughout the development lifecycle.


Breakout Sessions

Wednesday, September 9th - Thursday, September 10th

9:00 a.m. PT - 12:00 p.m. PT

With the rise of processing-centric automotive technologies such as autonomous driving, connected vehicles, and on-board infotainment, cars are becoming extreme electronic devices. The escalating amounts of compute power and software content required in automotive systems demands greater efficiency in development practices, strict adherence to stringent functional safety and reliability standards for safety-critical systems, and on-board security to protect increasingly connected systems from hackers. Attend these sessions to learn about key automotive electronic trends and comprehensive solutions to simplify automotive SoC development and accelerate ISO 26262 safety qualification. 

Be sure to check back for the detailed agenda, coming soon.

AIoT + -

The convergence of IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) is giving rise to new functionality in a broad range of connected devices, from home automation to wearables. The IoT increases the value of AI by allowing real-time connectivity and data exchange, while AI augments the capabilities of the IoT by applying machine learning to enhance the human-machine interface and improve decision making.  Achieving the necessary processing performance required of deep neural networks in resource-constrained devices is a significant design challenge. Attend these sessions to hear about the latest industry standards and power-efficient hardware/software solutions for implementing AIoT in the next-generation of SoCs.   

Be sure to check back for the detailed agenda, coming soon.

Traditionally, the focus of embedded applications has been on reducing power consumption and area. New requirements for greater functionality, extended address range and real-time response rates mean developers of SoCs for embedded applications must consider a broader range of performance-power-area (PPA) tradeoffs.  As embedded processing spreads from the cloud to the edge and the end points of the Internet, enormous amounts of data must be managed and secured.  Attend these sessions to learn about hardware and software solutions that enable you to meet the increasing performance and data protection requirements of your high-end embedded designs. 

Be sure to check back for the detailed agenda, coming soon.