Newly Expanded Synopsys HQ to Foster Greater Collaboration

Synopsys Editorial Staff

Apr 27, 2022 / 1 min read

As Synopsys strives to continually enhance the way that we support our customers and partners, the company plans to consolidate its headquarters onto one campus in Sunnyvale, California. By bringing together our growing workforce of Bay Area employees in a single location, we can promote better agility and collaboration as our teams innovate on advanced silicon design and verification, silicon IP, and application security solutions.

Some employees have been working in Sunnyvale at the Pathline Park campus, a business complex that its developer, the Irvine Co., describes as “the workplace of the future.” The development, 1.3-million square feet in a nature-oriented, collaboration-focused setting, sits on 42 acres in Peery Park. When the area was first developed in the 1970s, it was an industrial site housing a variety of operational functions. The modern buildings there today sit on a path-lined, redwood tree-dotted area, designed to attract workers that value collaborative spaces, both indoors and outside. Synopsys currently occupies four buildings at this site.

Next year, the company will enjoy a contiguous campus in Sunnyvale where employees will share amenities including open-air meeting spaces, outdoor workspaces, a cafeteria, a fitness center, and a parking garage. The campus is conveniently located near major thoroughfares as well as public transportation.

New Synopsys HQ (2022)

Supporting our vision toward a smarter, more sustainable future, the Sunnyvale campus’ LEED Gold-certified buildings feature high-efficiency Merv 13 air filtration and floor-to-ceiling, energy-efficient glass windows. LEED-certified buildings are designed to help reduce carbon emissions, improve energy efficiency, and enhance indoor environmental quality. Synopsys has long been committed toward being a socially responsible company, using our impact and influence to create a smart future that is sustainable, just, and secure. The collaboratively oriented spaces in Sunnyvale also support our mobility model of working. What’s more, providing our Bay Area workforce a single headquarters location—particularly one that was created to support a green environment—will enable a more seamless in person and virtual presence to better support our customers and partners.

The office at our Mountain View campus will be sublet to Waymo, which has already sublet the adjacent building.

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