Silver - Virtual ECU

From road to PC

Silver, our virtual ECU platform, is used to move development tasks from road and test rigs to your computer, to enable maximal efficient development of ECU software.

Powertrain development without additional hardware

With Silver, you can build virtual ECUs that closely mimic the behavior of their real counterparts. Silver is also a powerful experimentation environment for validating and testing the interaction of networked ECUs, engine, transmission and other vehicle components through simulation.

Saving time and costs with continuous integration

Do not lose time anymore when upgrading to a new software release on the vehicle. After the initial effort to set-up the automated build process, updating the vECU for a new software release is typically done within a few minutes. This way, software bugs can be detected early by simulation, before moving to the vehicle.

The software environment

Silver allows to run simulation models of various tools (such as MATLAB / Simulink, Dymola, SimulationX, MapleSim, AMEsim, GT-Power, axisuite) on your computer without having these tools installed in the execution environment. During distributed development, models are exchanged between developers in binary form (FMU, sFunction, Silver module) – without passing the corresponding source code. This helps to protect your know-how.

Under the hood

Depending on the use case and the availability of source code, different parts of the ECU software can be ported to a PC: (A) only the Application Software (ASw) is virtualized, (B) also parts of the Basic Software (BSw). 

A Silver configuration can also be duplicated quickly. This allows every developer to use his or her personal development environment without blocking scarce resources such as HiLs, test rigs or test vehicles.


We virtualize your electronic control unit based on Silver, either once as part of a pilot project, or continuously during development for each software release.

We provide consulting on how to use virtual ECUs (vECUs) to optimize your development process (keywords “continuous integration,” “nightly build”) and help you with setting up of such a process, for example, based on Jenkins.

For more information on training using the Silver product, please contact us.