Virtualizer Development Kits (VDKs)

open laptop showing virtualizer development kits

Start Software Development for Armv9 Processors Now

Introducing the VDK Family for Armv9 Processors, helping you launch your 64-bit design ahead of the competition with virtual prototyping

Virtualizer™ Development Kits (VDKs) are software development kits containing design-specific virtual prototypes as well as debug and analysis tools and sample software. VDKs have no dependency on the RTL design enabling software development to occur much earlier in the design cycle, up to 12 months before hardware availability. They are ideally suited for all types of software development, including device driver development, operating system (OS) bring-up and middleware development. In addition, Synopsys' VDKs interface seamlessly with the most popular embedded software debuggers such as Arm® Development Studio and Lauterbach TRACE32 System, creating an integrated debug flow with extended control and analysis capabilities. VDKs are assembled and debugged inside the Virtualizer Studio IDE enabling deep insight into the hardware/software interworking for efficient root cause analysis.

Synopsys offers a family of pre-validated VDKs for popular processor architectures, including Arm Cortex® processors and leading automotive microcontrollers. These VDKs provide reference virtual prototypes that can be instantly used by customers to start software bring-up or easily extended to match design requirements. In addition, for tier 1 and OEM companies developing ECUs and vehicle electronics, VDKs for automotive SoCs/MCUs help accelerate software development, improve quality and reliability and reduce automotive development cost.

Using Virtualizer enables software developers to create custom VDKs for specific SoC and MCU designs and deliver those VDKs to software engineers within their company and/or throughout their supply chain.


  • Software development up to 12 months before board availability
  • Plug-n-play integration with the most popular software debuggers
  • Multicore aware and system wide debug and analysis capabilities