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Complex bus protocols, increased on-chip functionalities, coupled with limited shared I/O resources, result in complex wiring connections in SoCs with numerous muxing schemes.

Simulation and structural analysis approaches require huge effort and may lead to bug escapes making them inefficient for SoC connectivity verification. Connectivity verification using formal techniques is exhaustive and helps making designs immune to connectivity bug escapes.

For over a decade, VC Formal Connectivity Checking App has become an essential part of the verification toolkit used by leading edge technology companies. Its ability to scale with the ever increasing SoC design sizes, its performance and ease of use, and its optimized debugging capabilities, make it a market leader in this space.

Join us to learn about SoC connectivity challenges and how Synopsys' innovative technologies can help you catch and debug sneaky wiring mistakes early with 100% confidence and ease.


Listed below is the industry leader scheduled to speak.

Harsha Vardhan Headshot

Shruti Masaguppi

Applications Engineer, Sr II 


Shruti Masaguppi is an Application Engineer in the VC Formal AE team at Synopsys. She has been focused on VC Formal product engineering, training and assistance to customers as well as the Synopsys field teams deploying formal technology. Prior to joining Synopsys, she has worked on simulation and static technologies across multiple organizations. She has a MS in Microelectronics Engineering from BITS, Pilani.

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