Verdi Regression Debug Automation

Artificial Intelligence-Driven Root Cause Analysis

Simulation regressions are run countless times during a project. Every time that a regression fails, teams must often examine thousands of failures and debug their causes. Because the RTL and verification environment code is changing constantly as bugs are fixed and as new features added and tested, regression failures are an everyday occurrence. Manually processing daily regression failures is a huge burden on engineering resources. Fortunately, the Synopsys Verdi Regression Debug Automation (RDA) feature using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies provides relief. The technology automates the process of finding root causes of failures in the design under test and testbench removing time-consuming and error-prone manual effort. Synopsys Verdi RDA can speed up root cause analysis and debug by 2X or more.

The RDA capability inside the Synopsys Verdi® Automated Debug System accelerates the debug process using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Synopsys Verdi RDA

Diving Into the Components of ML-Based Regression Failure Analysis and Debug

Take a deeper look into the components of RDA technology and how users can improve identifying root-causes of failures in their design.