Simpleware ScanIP

3D Image Segmentation and Processing Software

ScanIP provides a software environment for comprehensively processing 3D image data (MRI, CT, micro-CT, FIB-SEM…). The software offers powerful image visualisation, analysis, segmentation, and quantification tools. ScanIP is easy-to-learn and use, and includes video recording features and options to export surface models/meshes from segmented data for CAD and 3D printing. Additional modules are available for exporting CAE meshes, integrating image data and CAD, exporting NURBS and calculating effective material properties from scans.

New in Version M-2017.06

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New Segmentation and Processing Capabilities

  • Reduce segmentation time with smooth interpolation tool
  • Use mask ungroup tool to automate difficult segmentation tasks
  • Achieve better segmentation with complex image data using 3D wrap tools
  • Save significant time and effort with one-click fill gaps tool
  • See a major speed increase with 3D editing enhancements

Enhanced Visualization and Inspection

  • Faster visualisation capabilities include a ~10x increase in average dataset sizes, as well as 10% reductions in preview rendering time and 50% drops in animation preview rendering time
  • Work with large datasets with no noticeable performance decrease up to 55M triangles
  • Speed up inspection workflows by displaying multiple measurements simultaneously in 2D and 3D
  • Use probe centerline measurements to allow cross-section measurements to be obtained interactively


  • Intuitive user interface 
    - Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use
  • Generate high quality, multi-part STL and surface models 
    - No need for manual fixing or re-meshing
  • Scripting 
    - Automate repeatable tasks and operations
  • Direct image to surface conversion for surface export and visualisation 
    - Accurate, high quality representations of your data

Key features

  • Import a wide range of file formats
  • Customisable workspace with multiple 2D/3D viewing modes
  • Volume rendering of background images and masks
  • Record animations and export video files for presentations
  • Comprehensive measurements and statistics tools
  • Powerful, semi-automated segmentation tools
  • Volume and topology preserving smoothing
  • Robust multi-part surface mesh/STL generation