Simpleware AS Cardio – the Next Generation of AI-Enabled Heart Segmentation and Landmarking

Posted on 8 March 2021 by Celia Butler


We are delighted to announce the second iteration of Simpleware AS Cardio – our AI-enabled solution for Cardiac CT scans. Additions to this fully automated segmentation and landmarking tool are driven by feedback from our customers and partners. This further development helps the already powerful solution to better address Cardiology needs.

Simpleware AS Cardio offers a fully automated solution for the segmentation and landmarking of structures of the heart – one of the major bottlenecks of the cardiac modeling process. Simply import your CT image data and produce a fully segmented model of the heart in just a few minutes with only one click!

A heart segmented from CT using Simpleware AS Cardio showing segmented blood pools and muscle tissue.

Simpleware AS Cardio is part of our family of tried and tested Auto Segmenters that are powered by AI technology and use cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithms to perform complex and time-consuming segmentation tasks automatically, and in just a few minutes. The algorithms are trained by experts and results are verified by clinical professionals, offering consistency between users that can be scaled up to process large batches of data up to 50 times faster than traditional methods.

Benefits of Using Simpleware AS Cardio:

  • Fully automated: One-click solution to eliminate hours spent on tedious manual processes.
  • Fast and effective: Get results in 1 – 3 minutes on a standard engineering specification laptop.
  • Accurate and reliable: Simpleware ML algorithms are trained by experts and verified by clinical professionals.
  • Secure: Protect your patient data on your local hardware, avoiding the need to transfer confidential data onto servers outside of your control.
  • Consistent and repeatable: Eliminate inconsistencies between users and need for multiple reviews.
  • Scalable: Boost your throughput, and efficiently process large numbers of datasets 20 – 50 times faster. 
  • Less Segmentation - More Innovation: Free up engineering time for more complex and high-value tasks.

The new features include the segmentation of Coronary arteries and a range of additional landmarks including those placed on the right ventricle; tricuspid valve, the atrial appendages (among others). This new offering will allow the Heart CT tool to be used in a wider range of applications by more institutions

Segmented heart in Simpleware AS Cardio showing automatically segmented blood pools, muscle tissue, and a selection of landmarks.

As with any of our Auto Segmenter modules, Simpleware AS Cardio includes the ability to define and automatically detect specific regions of interest. All processes can also be fully scripted (along with features from Simpleware ScanIP) using Python or C# to integrate into your pipeline, including batch import and image processing, with subsequent model export or result sharing – Simpleware AI solutions fit seamlessly within your wider workflows.

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