Creating Point of Care 3D Printing Solutions with 3D LifePrints

Posted on 21 November 2022 by Kerim Genc


We are proud to work with 3D LifePrints, a UK & US company offering personalized surgical medical solutions that cover 3D printed anatomical models, virtual simulation, surgical guides and 3D implants across a spectrum of surgical disciplines. Synopsys Simpleware software has long been used by 3D LifePrints for segmenting and creating models from patient-specific imaging data, with the Point of Care (POC) 3D printing field representing a fast-growing industry. Our FDA 510(k) clearance for diagnostic 3D printing is helping 3D LifePrints to implement their reach in POC 3D printing, including via embedded clinical hubs, something that they have recently expanded to the United States with the opening of a facility at the Texas Medical Center in Houston.

Surgeon discussing 3D printed anatomical model

Surgeon discussing 3D printed anatomical model (image courtesy of 3D LifePrints).

Patient-specific models are used for many different applications, from visualizing complex cases for communication and training, to planning surgeries and developing surgical guides. Hospitals and other clinical institutions benefit from reductions in operating theatre time, invasive surgeries, and the risk of further surgeries for patients.

Oncological Pre-Surgical Planning Use Cases

One of the key specialties for 3D LifePrints is in oncology surgery through their work at several leading NHS hospitals in the UK, where their engineers help surgical teams on difficult cases involving visualization of soft tissue and osteosarcoma, along with 3D surgical guides. We have recently selected two success stories of 3D LifePrints, covering a hemipelvectomy and a targeted resection of the ilium requiring a novel sterilizable surgical drill to be produced. In the first case, sterilizable surgical guides were created to assist in the partial removal of a patient’s left hemipelvis due to it being compromised by a tumorous mass. For the second case, a patient-specific sterilizable surgical guide was created to help a patient with a non-symptomatic Grade 1 chondrosarcoma requiring a targeted, bone-conserving resection to preserve the integrity of the ilium whilst ensuring that adequate margins were used.

Oncological pre-surgical planning use cases of 3D LifePrints

3D printed model and surgical guide for targeted resection of ilium (left) and PI/II hemipelvectomy model (right).

In both cases, 3D LifePrints were able to satisfy the surgical request and clinical requirements by rapidly creating anatomical models and surgical guides, leading to:

  • Improved patient communication
  • Significant reduction in operating time

For the targeted resection of the ilium, the 3D LifePrints surgical guides had several benefits, according to Professor Tom Cosker, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon at the Nuffield Orthopedic Center NHS, Oxford, UK: "The presence of the guide allows more accurate localisation of the tumor meaning that the operative exposure is less; the risk of damaging nearby structures is less (which also has the knock on effect of reducing post surgical complications and therefore litigation) and the tumour resection is more precise. As the exposure is less patients, they should recover quicker and therefore should go home quicker. Surgical time is reduced meaning that an additional case can potentially be added to the list. The return to theater rate for a positive margin (where the tumor has been incompletely resected) should be less."

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