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Sentaurus TCAD & Atomera Webinar: On-Demand


Join and learn about how semiconductor device improvements can be achieved by using Atomera MST technologies and MSTcad toolset with Synopsys TCAD solutions.  


TCAD Virtual Seminar - On Demand


Join our online TCAD Seminar (formerly TCAD Asia Pacific Seminar) to learn about the application of Synopsys TCAD solutions to accelerate the research, development, and optimization of semiconductor technologies. The seminar tracks cover all major semiconductor technologies, from advanced logic and memory to analog, power, and optoelectronics. The solutions presented in this seminar are based on the industry-standard Sentaurus TCAD and Process Explorer tools, integrated into simulation flows that often also include the QuantumATK platform for atomic-scale materials modeling and TCAD-to-SPICE extraction for links into circuit simulation.


TCAD Product Family

Technology Computer-Aided Design (TCAD) refers to the use of computer simulations to develop and optimize semiconductor process technologies and devices. Synopsys TCAD offers a comprehensive suite of products that includes industry-leading process and device simulation tools, as well as a powerful graphical user interface (GUI) driven simulation environment for managing simulation tasks and analyzing simulation results. In addition, Synopsys TCAD provides tools for interconnect modeling and extraction, providing critical parasitic information for optimizing chip performance. 

•   Synopsys TCAD is the industry leader in 3D technology modeling
•   Provides integrated simulation environment for Design Technology Co-Optimization
•   Delivers production-proven modeling solutions for Logic, Memory, Power, and CIS applications
•   Offers smart technology modeling enables cost and time savings in pathfinding, development, and production ramping of semiconductor technologies

TCAD Environment GUI

TCAD Environment

Sentaurus Workbench is a complete graphical environment for creating, managing, executing, and analyzing TCAD simulations. Its intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) allows users to efficiently navigate and automate the typical tasks associated with running TCAD simulations such as managing the information flow, including preprocessing of user input files, parameterizing projects, setting up and executing tool instances, optimization, and visualizing results. Sentaurus Visual is an advanced visualization tool for TCAD data. It includes extensive capabilities for plotting and interactively manipulating xy data as well as 2D and 3D TCAD structures.

TCAD Support & Events

We are very pleased to announce TCAD Sentaurus T-2022.03. The latest version of TCAD Sentaurus includes many new exciting features and performance enhancements. If you are a customer entitled to maintenance services, then you can access TCAD Sentaurus T-2022.03 and download release notes directly from SolvNetPlus.

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