TCAD - Sentaurus Topography

For accurate modeling of topographical process steps

Sentaurus Topography is an advanced simulator for physical modeling of topography-modifying process steps such as deposition, etching, spin-on-glass, reflow and chemical-mechanical polishing. It supports complex process structures of multiple layers with different material properties, using advanced physical models and numeric algorithms. Sentaurus Topography is also ideal for predicting the topography of back-end processes by simulating the complex steps used to build the interconnect layers.

Process development engineers can use Sentaurus Topography to optimize existing processes and to develop new process flows. In manufacturing, Sentaurus Topography is a key tool to study the effects of misalignment and process variation to improve process capability and yield.

In addition, the interface between Sentaurus Topography and Sentaurus Process allows users to combine front-end thermal and topography simulations in one environment. Sentaurus Topography is fully integrated into Sentaurus Workbench, a state-of-the-art TCAD framework and visualization tool.


  • Simulates profile evolutions of deposition and etching processes, including APCVD, LPCVD, PECVD, HDP CVD, wet etch, reactive ion etch (RIE), ion milling and sputter etch
  • Emulates reflow, spin-on-glass and chemical-mechanical polishing
  • Simulates etching characteristics under different reactor conditions leading to sidewall bowing, etchback planarization and RIE lag effects
  • Investigates impact of sidewall angle and deposition conditions on trench or contact filling and void formation
  • Characterizes plasma discharge and sheath transport mechanisms including plasma (ions and neutral) angle and energy distribution at wafer surface