Parade Technologies, Ltd., headquartered in Silicon Valley, is a leading supplier of mixed-signal ICs for a variety of display and high-speed interface standards, including USB, DisplayPort™, HDMI™, and PCIe®. Their portfolio serves the growing demand for USB Type-C® devices, incorporating complex functions such as port configuration switches, redrivers, retimers, and port controllers. Parade Technologies maintains close relationships with Tier-1 OEMs, making their ICs integral to products from nearly every major computer and display vendor globally. Seeking to enhance their USB4 retimer DUT verification, Parade turned to Synopsys for a robust, high-performance solution.

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Synopsys’ verification solutions were critical to our success – allowing us to get up and running within hours, enabling us to find bugs quickly, and supporting us with custom enhancements per our DUT."

George Qian


Director, Parade Technologies


Parade Technologies faced several significant challenges in their quest to meet their stringent design requirements and aggressive timeline:
  • Aggressive Design Schedule: Parade needed a verification solution that could meet a tight timeline for delivering high-performance server system-on-chips (SoCs).
  • Custom Support: Specific support was required to meet the unique needs of their DUT.
  • Integration Needs: They needed an easy-to-integrate, end-to-end VIP solution with exhaustive debug, log, and trace capabilities.


Synopsys provided Parade Technologies with a comprehensive verification suite, including VC Verification IP (VIP) for USB4, VCS® Simulator, and Verdi® Debug.

  • Ease of Use: Synopsys' VIP for USB4 enabled Parade to set up their verification environment swiftly and achieve first-test success within hours.
  • Seamless Integration: The VIP seamlessly integrated with both Verdi and VCS, accelerating the setup of the verification environment.
  • Scalability and Reusability: The solution facilitated the creation of a scalable and reusable UVM verification environment.
  • Rapid Bug Detection: The first design bugs were identified within an hour of connecting the VIP, highlighting the efficiency of Synopsys' debugging tools.
  • Expert Support: Synopsys provided expert verification support, crucial for meeting Parade's aggressive time-to-market schedule and adapting to changing specifications.


The implementation of Synopsys' verification solutions yielded impressive results for Parade Technologies:

  • First-Test Success: Achieved within hours of setting up the verification environment.
  • Efficient Tapeout: Parade successfully taped out their first USB4 retimer DUT in less than one year.
  • Reduced Development Time: The detailed error messages and protocol checks significantly cut down the overall development time.
  • Enhanced Debugging: Integration with Verdi debug enabled quick identification and resolution of bugs, ensuring a robust final product.

By leveraging Synopsys' robust verification solutions, Parade Technologies achieved their goal of delivering high-performance SoCs within a stringent timeline, reinforcing their position as a leader in the mixed-signal IC market.