Simpleware NURBS Module

NURBS Generation Software Module

The NURBS module provides a route from image data to Computer Aided Design (CAD) packages by fitting Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS) to surfaces. This integrated module uses automatic NURBS patch fitting to ensure rapid conversion of segmented images into CAD-ready models. Preserve the geometry and topology of an original scan, choose from patch fitting algorithms, and export IGES files to CAD.

New in Versions 6.0 and 7.0

NURBS module fully integrated into ScanIP

  • AutoSurface algorithm to easily fit a NURBS patch to a surface
  • Selection of two different patch construction methods:
    • Contour detection
    • Curvature detection

Model Inspection to validate your NURBS patches

  • Inspect CAD geometries before export
  • Identify where spurious features of the segmentation should be removed


  • Fully automated NURBS patch fitting
    - From segmented image to CAD ready model in minutes
  • Highly accurate preservation of geometry and topology
    - No loss of features between segmentation and model
  • Control of patch layout and control points
    - Optimise patch layout depending on the nature of the geometry

Key Features

  • Two step process of creating triangulated model preview before fitting NURBS patches
  • Additional triangulation optimization algorithms to improve input surface
  • Choice of patch fitting algorithms
  • Robust and fast fitting for complex geometries
  • More organized patch fitting for simpler parts
  • Fillet preservation option for feature edges
  • Options to set control points number and density