Simpleware NURBS Module

NURBS model inspection for errors in Simpleware NURBS

Generate NURBS models from 3D Images

Simpleware NURBS allows segmented 3D image data to be exported as Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS) to CAD packages. By using powerful and automatic patch fitting and surface generation techniques, the NURBS module enables 3D image data to be easily converted into CAD models. Save time and benefit from high-quality model generation capabilities when exporting IGES files to CAD.

Why use Simpleware NURBS?

Simpleware NURBS makes NURBS patch fitting to segmented 3D image data a straightforward process.

Different patch fitting algorithms in Simpleware NURBS

  • Easy-to-use: Fully automated NURBS patch fitting integrated seamlessly into core Simpleware ScanIP environment.
  • Automated, robust, fast: From segmented image to CAD-ready model in minutes.
  • Accurate and reliable: Exact surface fitting preserves geometry and topology of original scan data.
  • Flexible: Optimize patch layout and control points for different geometries.
  • Compatible: Export NURBS in IGES and STEP file formats to all leading CAD packages.
  • Fully supported: All licences come with full support from our expert team of application engineers.

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Fit NURBS Patches to 3D Image Data

NURBS Patch Fitting

  • Two-step process: create a triangulated model preview and then fit NURBS patches
  • Additional triangulation optimization algorithms to improve input surface quality
  • Choice of patch fitting algorithms
  • Optimal fitting with auto-surface setting
  • Advanced options for fine-tuning fitting algorithms
  • Fillet preservation option for feature edges
  • Options to set control points number and density
Patch fitting to a CT scanned bracket in Simpleware NURBS
NURBS model of a pelvis in Simpleware NURBS

Quality Inspection Tool

  • Inspects NURBS models for errors (individual patches or clusters of patches)
  • Option to show errors and warnings
  • Shows errors above a user-defined threshold
  • Zooms into specific patches when inspecting image data
  • Pin-points location within the image data/segmentation

All the Tools and Features in Simpleware NURBS

Simpleware NURBS provides a range of options for NURBS patch fitting and inspection prior to export. Download the Simpleware NURBS technical datasheet for a list of all features available in the latest release.


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