About Synopsys Portugal

Since 2009, Synopsys Portugal’s growth has been fueled by the high quality of Portuguese engineers and the excellent local leadership that has allowed them to take on increased responsibilities over time. With two locations in Portugal, one in Lisbon and another in Porto, Synopsys Portugal has continued to grow, with a team today of more than 600+ employees.

We value diversity, welcoming different perspectives and new ideas. We embrace everyone from enthusiastic learners to seasoned innovators who want to help us power the Era of Pervasive Intelligence. We are committed to making technology smarter and more secure, transforming the way companies design, manufacture, and market their products across every industry. Our global impact is made possible through the diverse talents, ideas and passion of the unique individuals who share in our values and vision of success.

Key Areas

From Portugal to the Era of Pervasive Intelligence.

Analog Design

Digital Design

Digital Verification

Lab Testing

HW Prototyping

FW Development

Innovation Starts Here

We work with integrity to provide excellent solutions to our customers and to ourselves, working in a diverse environment with a big impact on future innovation.

Creating a Smart Future Together – Dream big with us

Continuously discovering new paths and developing new technologies for a bigger purpose. Turning the impossible of today into what’s possible tomorrow!

Take risks. The team has your back.

Building a new era of innovation means making smart mistakes to carve a new path. Here you are not alone – you have a global team spread to more than 120 offices supporting you, collaborating with you, and inspiring you towards a common goal.

We challenge, we learn, you grow!


Learning from the field’s top experts while being free to share your knowledge to increase our impact on the future. We have all the tools to ensure your career development and to catalyze your ambition.

Programs for Students in Portugal

We offer a wide range of programs that support you and your career development.

woman looking at the microchip in her hand

Are you looking for an opportunity to develop your expertise on microelectronics?


Embrace the opportunity to get hands on training from company and world-class experts on topics ranging from Scripting Languages to Analog and Digital IC Design. If you want to start or move your career to the Microelectronics field, this the place to start.


Students in their computers

Learn the day-to-day work of our team.


Get in touch with 4+ teams from different areas of expertise and ask as many questions as you want, to understand all the skills needed to be a Synopsys engineer!

Open Days are dedicated to students from Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and related areas that would like to have a deep knowledge in the Microelectronics field.


lady with polka dot shirt smiling

Make your summer a Blast!


If you are looking for a practical way of learning more about Synopsys this is the best opportunity for you! Replace the sun and sand for the Silicon and join our Summer Bootcamp. On each site, you can find 10+ projects to develop during 2 to 3 months. If you want to know more, contact us!


students doing academic research

Build your career with us from start!


During your academic path, you can experience hands-on opportunities and learn on job, developing small projects with our teams. Every year, we are open to have students developing their mandatory internships and Master Thesis with us, learning from our technical experts and presenting us with their fresh ideas.

Contact us to know more!


Our Culture

Office Locations

Photo of Synopsys Office in Lisbon


Lagoas Park

Edifício 4, Piso 2

2740-267 Porto Salvo, Portugal

Tel: +351-210-440-200


Rua Eng. Frederico Ulrich 2650

Edifício das Tecnologias

4470-605 Moreira da Maia, Portugal

Tel: +351-220-415-900

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