Beware of Recruitment Fraud

Fraudulent recruiting tactics are increasingly common. Synopsys takes the hiring process very seriously. We value each candidate's time and have official procedures in place that protect your privacy.

If you have received communication from a person who:

  • Uses an email domain other than
  • Communicates and interviews you ONLY online, via text/instant message, or social media and does not communicate live via Zoom or face to face
  • Cannot be found on LinkedIn with a branded Synopsys profile
  • Gives you a job requisition number that cannot be verified on the careers portal
  • Offers you a job way too quickly, and you've never met or seen the interviewer, or gone into an office
  • Asks for your bank account information so they can deposit a check

This is not a legitimate Synopsys recruiter or hiring manager.

Our recruiters never ask candidates to disclose bank account information during the interview process. To verify that your recruitment is legitimate, email us as